Hello there, we are Goggle Studio!

Goggle Studio offers the entire spectrum of design services, from graphic design to rebranding, app design and responsive websites.

The company is the brainchild of two brothers: Mike, our Chief Designer, who, after completing a BA Hons Degree in Product Design, worked for an international consultancy firm designing for a wide range of corporations – including Virgin Atlantic, Virgin America, KLM Flying Blue, Iberia, Singapore Airlines, Diners Club and VISA – and Jason, our Business Development Manager, who has spent 10 years marketing and practice managing in the legal sector. Both decided to take a leap to find fresh inspiration and adventure. Goggle was where they landed.

‘Why the name Goggle?’ we hear you ask. Well, aside from trying to cash in on the unfortunate few who misspell the name of a well-known search engine, the name originates from our childhood. In keeping with the family values we hold so highly, we chose to name the company after the name our younger brother used to call Mike before he managed to get his head around the tongue twister that is ‘Michael’. ‘Goggle’ was the word he found easier to say, so he called him that, and it has stuck ever since.

On a slightly more serious note, we’re pleased to report that said younger brother is now comfortable using Mike’s full name, as well as a plethora of other nicknames we have for him – all of which we are unable to broadcast here, unfortunately.

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