responsive website

Your website is your shop window and first impressions are everything.

Nowadays, it’s very important that your website is desktop, tablet and mobile friendly (i.e. ‘responsive’).

Ask yourself, how high up on the list do you want your website to appear when the service you provide is tapped into a well known search engine? If your answer is ‘first’, you need a responsive website to even stand a chance of getting there.

Also, consider how accessible you want to be to your potential client base. For example, how many people bump into you in a day because they’re too busy looking at their mobile phone? Too many, we know. But look at it like this way: they are likely all using the internet. That means they are all potential customers for your business, so having a mobile friendly website is essential to having a chance of reeling these mobile phone zombies in.

Don’t get caught up with the other nobodies on page 2 of any internet search and stop losing customers on their mobile or tablet.

Here at Goggle, we can make your existing website responsive or we can design you a responsive website from scratch.

Have a look at the gallery for examples of our recent work.

responsive website gallery.