Brand creation JB Bespoke Carpentry

JB is a bespoke carpentry company that was looking to stand out from their competition. They came to us to help create a logo that was different from the usual carpentry logo. They wanted something unique and elegant that matched their craftsmanship but didn’t know what that looked like. Jb was open to suggestion and direction from us, allowing us to really take this project and make it special.
The client didn’t have any pre-conceived image as to what the logo should look like, giving us free control and allowed us to direct them. Knowing that they wanted to appeal to high-end customers, we explored an elegant but graphic style, combining a staircase, similar to something they would craft, with a flowing floral pattern. Pulled together with bold colours that portray a regal and trustworthy feel.

We loved working with the guys at JB on this project. They gave us the creative freedom to explore styles and colours, ultimately allowing us to arrive at the final design that we all agreed fulfilled the brief.